Tim is an incredible voice actor with a subtlety and nuance to their performances that shines through. They manage to have excellent chemistry with whoever they’re working with and their ability to take direction and turn it into a masterful performance is awesome. I love how thoughtful they are in making character choices and their consistency with cultivating a voice for each new performance. Definitely excited to work with them again in the future!

Eli Ramos, Head of Aster Podcasting Network

I am a trans nonbinary voice actor, actor, and singer who specialises in musical theatre and rock music styles. I hold a BM in Music Theatre Performance from Arizona State University and a Masters in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin University. Just for fun, I also hold a JD from Washington & Lee University.

Voice acting-wise, I’ve done primarily audio dramas with some video game work. I’d like to do more animation, and I’d like to get into commercial VO. As a nonbinary actor, I do both masc and femme voices. I prefer to do masc voices overall. Feel free to check out my character demo on my Demos page!

Stage acting-wise, I’ve done primarily musicals. I don’t believe in “type” and don’t want to put myself in any boxes. I play exclusively male characters on stage, though I’m open to other options.

I sing tenor/counter-tenor and perform contemporary music by artists of all genders. I don’t compose my own music, though I’d love to collab with independent artists, especially LGBTQ+ ones!